Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nine Months

Mr. Lincoln turned nine months old yesterday!  Still seems crazy to me how close we're getting to that one-year mark, but we've been having a blast and enjoying every moment in the meantime!
I had to post some of our out-takes from his little photo shoot this morning.  It takes two of us now to be able to capture these pictures because he's pretty squirmy.  Long gone are the days when I can just lay him on the couch and have him sit still!  Can you tell daddy is behind me making faces and playing peek-a-boo?!  Lincoln definitely loves his daddy and thinks all his noises and faces are pretty funny.
Once again, for his nine-month birthday, he grew two more teeth!  He now has a total of six showing, and I do believe there are two more on bottom that are close to the surface ready to break through.  He wears an amber teething necklace that has been amazing.  He has not drooled at all throughout this process.  It doesn't take the pain of it away, unfortunately.  The top teeth have been extremely painful for the poor little guy.  And unfortunately for me (and him), they really seem to bother him at night.  So we haven't had a full-night's sleep in about a month.  But the good news is he seems to be growing them fast, so hopefully this process will be over before we know it!
Lincoln has also developed into a bit of a momma's boy lately, which is flattering and extremely frustrating at the same time.  But he's still a complete joy to be around and has a great laugh and smile for pretty much anyone!  He just prefers mommy to be holding him!

And one of his new tricks that is super cute is he can cluck his tongue.  I don't know what else to call it.  I guess I must have done it  lot to him, and the past couple months he would always watch me intensely when I would click my tongue.  And now he does it too!  It's pretty cute!