Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eleven Months

Thankfully we're almost to the end of the first year monthly photo sessions.  And I only say that because it's getting harder and harder to get him to sit still enough to even get one good picture where he's looking, let alone smiling!  My goodness.
But, clearly, turning on Veggie Tales was not a good tactic.  Oops.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Canadian Camping Trip

This past weekend we spent camping with Darby and Deanna (& Britta and Mandi) and Derek and Jill (& Chloe, Abby, Thad and Ezra).  We had a super fun weekend with great weather!
We camped at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park in Sioux Narrows, Ontario.  It is beautiful.  I have never been to that part of Canada before, but I'm hoping this won't be the last time!  Saturday morning the boys and Thad and Britta headed out trout fishing and left the women and babies and Chloe and Abby back at camp.  We filled the morning with playing at the park and a two-hour hike through the woods.  It was pretty rugged terrain at times (we may or may not have been on a trail?!), so we definitely got our strength and cardio workout in for the day.  We all were pretty warm so we headed back to camp to get on shorts and the girls got on their swimsuits.  They're pretty brave because the water was ice cold!  But they had a blast splashing around in the water.
Deanna took most of these pictures (because we all know I have good intentions, but usually forget to pull out the camera/phone).  So I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was such a relaxing weekend and we hope to get at least one more camping trip in this summer!




Sioux Narrows bridge

Nothing better after a long, busy weekend than to kick up your feet with a cold drink
and Bob the Tomato and watch a few episodes of Veggie Tales!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Major Distractions

I had to do some work from home this weekend so I took advantage of Lincoln's naptime on Sunday afternoon to sneak into his room/our office and get some editing done.  But, seriously, how is anyone supposed to get any work done when this cutie wakes up from his nap so happy and ready to play?!