Friday, June 21, 2013

quick update...

I'm still pregnant.  So fun.

We had our 40-week appointment yesterday, which honestly when we scheduled it I thought we would never need it since it was three whole days past our due date.  But we did.  There was a little progress, which is better than nothing, but we decided to schedule an inducement/induction(?) for Monday morning.  I am scheduled to check in to the hospital on Sunday night and they'll scrape my cervix (can't wait!), and then if nothing happens during the night they'll start with the Pitocin on Monday morning to induce labor.  I would like for it to happen naturally - and obviously there's still time over the weekend - but at least we have an end in sight! 

So if you think of us this weekend, pray that Lincoln will come naturally or that everything would go smoothly and safely for both of us on Sunday night/Monday morning!

Hope to be back soon with news of a baby in my arms!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Well, today's the day!  But, really, I'm pretty sure that today is not the day......unless something drastic happens.  I feel fine.  I feel the same as I've felt almost the entire nine months.  I'm working today.  And so we just continue to wait.........

I had my 39-week appointment on Friday morning.  And although Lincoln is sitting pretty low, my cervix is still closed.  I had a pretty busy/active day at work Friday, and then tried to keep that going all weekend hoping to stir something up.  I got a bunch of laundry done, went grocery shopping, took Libby to the dog park, got a foot massage, did a couple sets of squats, bounced on my exercise ball........still nothing. 

We are learning to be patient and wait on the Lord and His timing.  My dad reminded me of the verse:  "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God."  We are trying not to be anxious, and have comfort in knowing that the Lord is in complete control and knows what is best for us and our little boy.  And we know that he is safe and healthy right where he's at for now, and the Lord will bring him to us when it's His perfect time.

So last night as we were relaxing on the couch watching the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat (yay!), Hal got up to refill his water cup, so I asked for a SMALL little bowl of ice cream - just a scoop or two - since he was up. 

And this is what I got.  WHAT?!?!  Needless to say, I needed help.  And that might have been his intention all along.  But I couldn't help but think.......I might kind of miss being pregnant!!  haha.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Mini Photo Sesh...

Yesterday morning before church Deanna snapped a few pictures of us to document how big my belly really is.  haha.  I think they turned out pretty good - especially for just being from her phone!! 

And, of course, we can't forget Britta and all her cuteness!!  Love that girl!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Reeser - 38 Weeks

yesterday started the weekly doctor visits until Lincoln arrives.  it's been three weeks since i've been to the doctor, which seems like forever this late in the pregnancy, but because of my doctor's schedule, we had to switch the 36-week visit back to 35 weeks.  so we went an extra week without a visit.
but at the 35-week visit my doctor checked my cervix and said it had tilted from back to front, which was good, but that the baby hadn't dropped yet and I wasn't dilated.  I thought this week Lincoln would have dropped and I would possibly be a couple centimeters dilated. wrong. cervix is still closed and he hasn't dropped yet. so we wait.....
here's the rest of the update:
total weight gain:  30lbs.  ugh.  here's to getting back on the diet/workout train this summer!  woohoo.
maternity clothes:  notice a trend in my bump pics?  told you i pretty much wear the same thing every day to work.  ha.  i do have other outfits, but these solid tops take the best pics to show the bump so that's what you get to see!
sleep:  love it - i've been getting good, solid sleep.  i am so dreading being woken up every couple of hours.  i might get a bit cranky!
stretch marks:  yep, they came.  i cried.  yuk.  oh well - it's worth every scar!  hal said i coud blame lincoln when he comes, but i think i'll just give him a big kiss instead!
best moment of the week:  my mom came on tuesday to stay for a few days.  i love it when my mom is here!  (am i weird for kind of wishing my mom could just move in?!?!) 
but that also means the worst moment of the week too - hal is gone.  not just a couple hours away where he could hop in the car and come home if Lincoln decides to come - but in TEXAS (football clinic)!!  we have been praying that Lincoln stays put until hal gets home on Saturday evening.  but in the meantime i have a great group of supporters!  my mom has been here deep cleaning the house and helping me get some last-minute organization projects done this week - can't say enough how awesome she is!  and darby, deanna and britta came last night for the weekend for one of deanna's cousin's graduation parties, and are staying until hal is safely home!  love my family!!  and i seriously can't get enough of britta's cuteness - bonus!
miss anything:  MY HUSBAND!!  i always hate to be apart, but, wow, when you're nine months pregnant - it's really, really hard! 
oh, and i also miss walking without knowing you look like a duck waddling around.  super cute i'm sure.  and bending over with ease.  and not grunting every time i get up.  and......the list could go on and on, but i'm sure most of you know what i'm talking about.
movement:  we still have an active little football/hockey/baseball/really-whatever-sport-he-wants-to-play-or-not-play guy in there! :)   he loves to move around, and i love to feel it!
food craving:  still nothing exciting or specific.
bump:  here's my 38-week bump. 

i had gotten a bunch of comments this past week that i've really dropped. so i had to compare my 36-week pic and the 38-week pic to see if i could tell.  i can't really.  can you?  i thought i would notice a huge difference the way everyone has commented.  looks about the same to me, just a little bigger maybe...

gender:  BOY!!
belly button:   still hanging IN there. i don't think at this point it will come out - yay!
looking forward to:   hal getting home TONIGHT!!
seeing my sweet, sweet baby boy face to face! summer time. taking walks. spending time with family. just hanging out - and NOT working!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Notes

Hal is in Texas for a football clinic until Saturday. But before he left he wrote me this sweet love note and left it on the fridge.


Boys and their dogs!  What a goof.