Friday, May 24, 2013

bump progress....

Thought I would just post the "bump" pics I've taken so far to see the progress.  I hadn't compared any of them side-by-side before and I was kind of shocked at the difference - especially between 29 weeks and 33 weeks.  I knew I felt a little bigger, but that's when people really started saying something at work.  Before then nobody had really said anything - I guess it's that whole "you don't want to ask if somebody's pregnant in case they aren't" thing.  Now I see the difference that they were seeing.  And it was definitely safe to assume I wasn't just getting fat.
Only about three more weeks to go!!!!
22 Weeks
29 Weeks

33 Weeks

36 Weeks
Is it just me, or does the 33-week bump look bigger than the 36-week bump?  Maybe just zoomed in a little more on 33?!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A couple weeks ago driving home fom Target I noticed something REALLY exiting.  A Popeyes was "coming soon."  Seriously?!

Popeyes is a fast-food chicken restaurant similar to KFC but WAY better - they have spicy chicken and mashed potatoes with cajun gravy and cajun fries and red beans and rice (plus a whole lot more, but those are my faves)!!!  Our family was first introduced to it visiting Arlen when he lived in Georgia.  In fact, "popeyes" was one of my nephew Jace's first words.  Not kidding.  So it's something we always look forward to when traveling because there are no Popeyes this far north.  Until now.  And so close to our house.

This location opened last Monday, so we first attempted to go there for dinner on Friday night.  Big mistake.  The drive-through line was ridiculous so we decided to go in.  As we were walking in, people we were walking out saying they weren't even taking orders becaue they were too busy.  But we forged on.  It was true.  The place was a madhouse.  So we decided to just come back another time, maybe in a few days or weeks, when the newness had worn off.

Who are we kidding?  We tried again the next day!  We had to make a Target run on Saturday, so we decided to just wait out the drive-through line.  It actually didn't take too long.  I looked up the menu on my phone as we waited so we would be prepared!  I think the whole wait took about 15 minutes.

getting closer....

i swear - every time he knows i'm taking a picture this is the face i get.  but we had finally made it to the window so it was pretty exciting!!

I believe there are a total of six Popeyes opening around the Twin Cities area - they have taken over a bunch of empty KFC locations.  So if you haven't had Popeyes - hopefully there's one coming soon to your neck of the woods!  Yum-yum!