Friday, May 24, 2013

bump progress....

Thought I would just post the "bump" pics I've taken so far to see the progress.  I hadn't compared any of them side-by-side before and I was kind of shocked at the difference - especially between 29 weeks and 33 weeks.  I knew I felt a little bigger, but that's when people really started saying something at work.  Before then nobody had really said anything - I guess it's that whole "you don't want to ask if somebody's pregnant in case they aren't" thing.  Now I see the difference that they were seeing.  And it was definitely safe to assume I wasn't just getting fat.
Only about three more weeks to go!!!!
22 Weeks
29 Weeks

33 Weeks

36 Weeks
Is it just me, or does the 33-week bump look bigger than the 36-week bump?  Maybe just zoomed in a little more on 33?!


  1. Lookin good momma!! Love the comparison... it doesn't look like you've changed much from 33 to 36 wks. Your hair looks so cute- and I think you look alot like your cousin, Katie, in the 1st pic.
    Count down is on! Can't believe it. Keep the pics coming. ;-) ~ Jill

  2. Lookin' good Momma!! Can't believe it's JUST around the corner! Crazy. I saw your post and then saw the first picture (Before knowing it was weeks ago...) and I thought- DANG! She's still TINY!! But that bump has definitely grown in the last 10+ weeks!! Lincoln is growing big and strong! Can't wait to meet him.