Friday, June 21, 2013

quick update...

I'm still pregnant.  So fun.

We had our 40-week appointment yesterday, which honestly when we scheduled it I thought we would never need it since it was three whole days past our due date.  But we did.  There was a little progress, which is better than nothing, but we decided to schedule an inducement/induction(?) for Monday morning.  I am scheduled to check in to the hospital on Sunday night and they'll scrape my cervix (can't wait!), and then if nothing happens during the night they'll start with the Pitocin on Monday morning to induce labor.  I would like for it to happen naturally - and obviously there's still time over the weekend - but at least we have an end in sight! 

So if you think of us this weekend, pray that Lincoln will come naturally or that everything would go smoothly and safely for both of us on Sunday night/Monday morning!

Hope to be back soon with news of a baby in my arms!

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  1. My dear Christa,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers throughout these days! Will continue to pray for you ,Hal, and little baby Lincoln. Things will go just fine. It is so nice to rely on the Lord and know that He has provided good medical care for you and Lincoln. We will be waiting for the good news. Hugs to you sweetie, it's such a special time and such a miracle from God to hold that precious child that you have made together in your arms. And when you look at them 30 yrs later and they are now experiencing that same parenting thing... well there just are not words for the love,gratitude and emotion you feel towards our Heavenly Father! Gods Blessings to you all! Jan