Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this & that

So welcome to the age of technology. I'm blogging from my phone!! Thanks, Lisa, for letting me know about the Blogger app! Just giving it a little whirl.

I should also take this opportunity to announce to you all that I accepted a new job!! Still court reporting but i will now be working in Anoka County, which is where I live, rather than Hennepin County, which is where I've been working for the last ten years! I will now have a ten-minute drive rather than about 45 minutes! So we're pretty excited about that. I think Hal is mostly excited because it means he'll get dinner at about 7:00 rather than 8:00 or 9:00! Yeah, still working on that whole working/making dinner timing thing.

And this is the only picture I managed to get all weekend. This little lady needs to be touching me at all times. Here we're doing laundry together. Ha. It gets a little frustrating in the kitchen when I'm trying to maneuver around her. She'll learn eventually since I keep stepping on her!

Hal's football team suffered their first loss of the season out in Oregon last weekend. Bummer! So now a week off - for the team anyway. Hal and I will be heading to a high school game Friday night and another college game on Saturday! Fun times. And then Macalaster is back in action the following weekend at Carleton College in Northfield.

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Isn't the Blogger app AMAZING!! :) Congrats on the new job. The commute will be SOOOO much better. :)

  2. hey, congrats on the job! we should have a puppy playdate. :) and if you are working at the Anoka courthouse I am just down the street. we should grab lunch sometime.