Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Reeser Week 22

It's been a couple weeks since I shared my pregnancy tracking blog with you all, so thought I'd give it another shot.

But first - here is a screen shot of my "What To Expect" app on my phone.  I love it.  It has daily advice and weekly updates on your body and the baby.  But probably my favorite part is seeing how big the baby is - for instance, this week he's about the size of a papaya.  He started out at about a raspberry and has gone through just about the whole produce department.  awww....

total weight gain:  12 lbs.

maternity clothes:  love them - so comfy!  i know that's what i'm going to miss most after the baby comes.  but i'm not really loving the variety (or lack thereof) in the stores.  i hate going to target now and seeing all the cute non-maternity clothes they have and knowing there's no way any of it would fit me.  and then going to the two maternity racks they have with the same old plain t-shirts.  but i did recently discover that there's a Motherhood Maternity store close to me and they have cute stuff!!!  yay!

sleep:  love it!  still sleeping great.  hal gets up around 5am during the week, so when his alarm goes off I usually get up and go to the bathroom, but then it's back to sleep for at least another hour.  or hour and a half.  :)

stretch marks:  nope.  i did get some cocoa butter stretch mark lotion at the Motherhood Maternity store and have been using that every once in awhile.

best moment of the week:  well, it was technically last week, but  having our ultrasound and seeing our baby move around for a good half hour - watching his little heart pump away.  wish i could see that every day!

miss anything:  working out.  well, i go back and forth with this one because, really, who loves to work out.  but i've just been feeling huge and out of shape lately and would kind of love a good, sweaty hardcore workout.  guess i'll just have to stick to my walking and maybe a pregnancy workout video. 

movement:  haven't felt a ton of movement, but apparently he's moving around like crazy in there.  there's been a few times where i can distinctively feel a kick or a movement, but most of the time i can just feel the pressure of it.  the doctor said today that i have an anterior placenta, which is normal, and that's why i haven't felt a lot of the movement.

food craving:  again, nothing specific.  every day it's different, but nothing crazy.

anything making you sick/queasy:  feeling pretty good in this area.

have you started to show yet:  um, yes.  got a good little "bump" going on.  i've really felt in the last couple weeks my belly has grown a lot.  hard to imagine i have FOUR months to go!!!  yikes.  i'm going to be the size of a barn!

gender:  BOY!!! 
belly button in or out:  in.  but i think i can tell it's getting closer.  eek.
wedding rings on or off:  on.
happy or moody most of the time:  happy.  well, not like bouncing off the walls happy, but not necessarily moody.  just regular.

looking forward to:  a long weekend with no agenda.  i have today off and monday is a holiday so yay for nothing to do.  i'm so looking forward to it since we've been gone so much lately.  but i do have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do around the house - haven't done laundry in awhile.  plus i think i'll make a trip to Joann's and pick up some fabric for an easy burp cloth tutorial i found on pinterest.  we'll see.  it better be pretty easy for this novice.  and i will probably head over to babies-r-us and maybe start a registry there, or just see what they have.


  1. Awww yeah for baby Reeser and an update!! First off you look SO cute, love your hair. Yea bummer about the clothes.. and maternity clothes can be so funky and crazy sometimes... it's always exciting when you find a good basic piece to add to your wardrobe.
    Keep telling Lisa, all these intial expenses are investments you;ll use for all your babies. ;-)

    Have a good wkend.. will miss you hanging out with me at the Youth Conf.

  2. Yay for a weekend with nothing to do!! :) Try Old Navy for some maternity clothes... I had pretty good luck there and Gap. Mostly online though :( Can't believe you are this far along already. In no time this little man is gonna be here... so excited!! Also, I am very impressed that you are making burp cloths! :) Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, but like Jill, I am gonna miss you this weekend!

  3. Awww LOVE the update! :-) You look so cute with your bump! :) Have fun shopping around and registering for things. Also, I can't wait to see how your burp rags turned out and the fabric you chose! Aww. Happy times! Ps. I'm TOTALLY jealous of your sleep schedule!!! I am up EVERY two hours to the bathroom. I think it's God's way of training me for baby arrival because I'm NOT a morning person and NOT a person who functions well in the middle of the night. This is good prep for me. :)

    1. Lisa, I'm so not a morning person either, so at least you're getting the training now. I know I'm going to have a rude awakening come June!!