Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love notes

Last weekend after we got back to Minnesota from being in Jamaica and Florida (another post - I promise - once I find my camera cord so I can upload pictures) we hitched a ride with Derek and Jill and Darby and De up to Baudette to pick up our beloved pup who had stayed with Grandpa and Grandma for the week.

We only stayed overnight so we could get back home before we both had to work Monday morning.  And since we only stayed for the first meeting at the chapel that morning I let Jace sit by me and I let him use the bible app on my phone to make it more interesting for him to follow along with the meeting.  He did a good job and was diligent in looking up all the passages that were referred to as different men shared.

On Monday night after we were back home I was going to make my list for Target on my phone.  Low and behold I had a few little notes that I hadn't seen before, but kind of melted my heart. 

This one below was something that Keith had shared during the meeting.  So he was following along!

And this one was Jace's memory verse for the week.  We didn't get to stay for the second meeting so I could hear him say it out loud, but we ended up back in Baudette this past weekend for a funeral and I asked him if he still remembered it, and he did!

He's nine and can be quite the pill at times, but sometimes he can just be so sweet!

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