Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Weekend's Craft Project....

On Saturday I hit up Joann's to check out some fabric and see if I could attempt to get creative and sew a few simple burp cloths.  Well after walking through the fabric section for about a half hour, I finally picked out a couple pieces.  I haven't really set a "theme" or specific colors for the nursery and I figured it didn't really matter anyway if burp cloths matched the theme (if there was a theme)!  Besides we're having a boy, and the last time I checked boys don't really care about matching.  So I just grabbed a couple pieces of fabric that I thought were cute and away I went.

these are the two combinations of fabric that I chose

I got home and dug my sewing machine out of the closet, cut my fabric and I was off to the races.  Thankfully my machine was still threaded from the last time I used it - which if I recall correctly was during a sewing class that Stephanie and I took back in.....oh, maybe 2009?  Or 2010?  A long time ago.  And we pretty much giggled through the whole class, so I didn't really remember a whole lot.   

finished burp cloth

I got through the first one in no time and was so proud of myself!  "This is going to be so easy," I thought.  Well, then my bobbin ran out of thread.  Are you kidding me?!?  After a couple YouTube videos I managed to get some more thread on it, but then noticed my spool of thread on top was running pretty low.  At this point I think I had the second burp cloth about half done.  And then sure enough my spool of thread ran low enough that I decided to change it.  A couple YouTube videos later (because who really wants to look for the actual manual to your sewing machine?) I managed to get the whole machine re-threaded, although the thread that I had in my sewing box seemed a little thicker than the thread that had been on there before.  But I was going strong again.  And then my bobbin ran out of thread again.  Seriously.  This is kind of getting annoying.  (and btw - I had quit taking pictures at this point!)

But I had already dealt with this so I knew what I was doing.  I re-threaded the bobbin, put it back in place and started sewing.  I was going along great for about three solid seconds when.....SNAP!  The needle snapped in pieces!  I literally just started laughing.  Sure enough, the thread I was using was too thick and when it was on both the top and the bottom it was just too much for the needle to handle. 

So I finished one burp cloth and am halfway done with a second one.  I just haven't made it back to Joann's this week.  I'm hoping to stop on my way home tonight and pick up a new needle and thread and be able to finish the second burp cloth and then maybe put a few more together.  I think I have fabric enough for at least four total!

I'm definitely not a seamstress or really too crafty, but I know this is doable so I'm not giving up!  And despite all the problems I encountered, they're pretty minor, and I kind of felt inspired to maybe do something besides just burp cloths.  I don't know what yet........but I do have an apron that I started for my mom for Mother's Day 2008.  And a pair of pajama pants for Jordan that were for Christmas 2007 or 2008?!?!  We'll see......but, seriously, don't hold your breath!


  1. Thats awesome!! I'm so proud of you and a little jealous because I still haven't gotten my sewing machine. Practice up so you can teach me and who knows in a couple of years we'll probably be making our own clothes! (this is exactly why Phil won't let me get one, he thinks I will make him clothes and make him wear them! hehehe)

    1. Get your sewing machine, girl!!! I need someone to sew with -it will definitely keep me motivated!!!