Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby Reeser - 29 Weeks!

Last Friday we had our 28-week appointment.  It was a lot longer than usual since I had to take the dreaded glucose test with the super-sugary drink and then wait an hour to draw blood.  But everything turned out fine.  Whew.  I also got a few shots  - TDAP (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis) and a shot of rhogam.  Since I have RH-negative blood it's to protect my blood from attacking Lincoln's blood in case he doesn't share the same blood type as his momma.  I may need another shot after delivery depending on what type of blood Lincoln has.  So I was a little tender this weekend, but nothing we can't handle.

I did get a call on Monday that my iron was low, so I'm trying really hard to remember my iron supplement every day and eat more iron-rich foods!  Other than that, everything was all normal and we're set until we go back in another couple of weeks!

Here's the latest with me and Lincoln.......

total weight gain - 20 lbs.  yikes!  and sadly it's probably a little more than that since I'm not sure of what my actual starting weight was.  this was from my first weigh-in at the doctor until now.  guess i'll be hitting the workouts hard this summer!

maternity clothes - got a few new tops and dresses for work this week.  have really been getting sick of wearing the same few clothes over and over to work.  but we're on the home stretch now, so hopefully i don't have to do too much more shopping.  at home it's just sweatpants, tshirts, and hal's sweatshirts!  love being comfy!

sleep - starting to get a little uncomfortable when i'm trying to get to sleep - tossing and turning - but once i get there i'm good to go for the night!  i have been waking up about an hour before my alarm to use the bathroom, but that's about it.  still loving my sleep!

stretch marks - still nothing that i've noticed!  yay!

best moment of the week - we had our first baby shower last weekend in Baudette hosted by my sweet Ballard cousins.  they thought of absolutely everything and it was perfect!  we got some really cute stuff and everything is really starting to feel real!!

check out this super cute blanket that we got from my Block cousins, Jill and Katie.  we LOVE it!  the "Lil' Chief" part is the best - Hal's favorite of course.  all of Hal's friends call him "Chief" so it fits perfectly!

my mom also made us the most adorable boy blanket ever - i just forgot to get a picture of it.  we didn't have room in our car to bring everything back with us (since the dog takes up the entire back seat) so we won't be getting the rest of our stuff for a couple weeks when my parents come down to fly out to Florida!!

miss anything - bending over without groaning.  and taking a flight of stairs without sucking for air by the time i get to the top. 

movement - Lincoln is definitely moving around in there.  it's so fun to feel him throughout the day.

food craving - nothing unusual or crazy.

anything making you sick/queasy - i really thought this would go away after the first trimester, but i still get really gaggy when i smell something stinky (like a fart).  i seriously almost throw up.  i don't remember being like this too much before pregnancy - unless it was really bad - but maybe this is just something that isn't ever going to go away.

have you started to show yet - this is what we're looking like these days.....

gender - BOY.  Lincoln James Reeser.

belly button in/out - it's still in there, but barely it seems like.  give it a few more weeks and it will be even if not out a little bit.

wedding rings on/off - on.

happy or moody most of the time - the last few days i've been kind of an emotional basketcase.  i could probably cry at the drop of a hat and then not be able to stop.  i don't know what my problem is and Hal probably thinks i should be committed.  but this too shall pass (hopefully soon!)

looking forward to - the weekend!!  not that my job is stressful at all, but hello sleeping in!!!  and looking forward to enjoying the beautiful sunny spring weather we've been having - i love it!

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  1. You are soooo cute pregnant Christa!! I also have negative RH factor and get my shot on Wednesday. Glad everything is going well!!