Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Reeser - 32 Weeks

i'm a little late in getting this posted, but another doctor's appointment means another update on lincoln!  we had our 32-week appointment friday afternoon.  i can't believe how fast time is flying and I'm sure we will continue to fly through the next month and a half.  i'm kind of really starting to get nervous about the whole labor and delivery part.  yikes. 

probably my biggest fear (well, besides the pain) is knowing when it's going to happen.  i plan on working up until my due date depending on how I'm feeling, so I'm starting to get nervous about my water breaking in court or having contractions/going into labor at work.  also we're trying to plan hal's summer schedule.  he usually works about 4-5 different football camps, but they're mostly all in june, so it's been hard to figure out what to do.  right now he's signing up for them and i guess will just have to cancel depending on when lincoln decides to make his grand entrance.  i just hope he's not on the football field in madison, wisconsin when I go into labor!!  and we're just really praying that he comes on June 17th. 

here's the update:

total weight gain - 25 lbs.  ugh.

maternity clothes -  same old stuff.  i hope my co-workers don't notice that i've been wearing the same couple of outfits over and over and over....but i just really can't get myself to buy anything else when there's just a few short weeks left. 

sleep - still a little uncomfortable trying to get to sleep.  i've woken up a couple times during the night this past week, go to the bathroom and then just lay there.......and lay there.  i've read about insomnia during the third trimester, and i'm not sure i would say it's THAT bad, but i hate not being able to just fall right back to sleep. 

best moments of the week - not technically this week, but we finally got the crib set up and the mobile attached - it's so cute!!  mom & dad were also here this weekend and mom and i got the "lincoln" banner hung above the crib and another set of frames put up.  everything is starting to come together!! 

(in case you can't read the print in the middle frame, it says "love at first sight")

my parents got back from Florida on Thursday night and stayed for a couple days!!  i just LOVE having them here. 

and.....the chapel put on a baby shower for us on Saturday afternoon.  everything was so nice and we got more cute stuff for Lincoln.  we have been so blessed by everyone's love and generosity - it is truly humbling!

miss anything - still the whole bending over thing.  it's such a chore to put on socks and shoes (thankfully it's finally flipflop season). i was going to make Hal clip my toenails the other day, but just as he agreed to do it i was having doubts as to what kind of job he would do - so i managed to kick my foot up on a chair so it would be easier for me to reach, and i got the job done myself. 

movement - he is still moving around like crazy in there.  it's so fun to feel.  the other night at prayer meeting he was really going crazy.  i could see my belly moving in and out as he rolled around.  i SO can't wait to meet my little baby boy!!

food craving - still nothing in particular.  but if i see a commercial for a restaurant or food my mouth starts to water!  and sometimes during the day i'll randomly think of something weird - like today it was applesauce - and think "oh that sounds SO good."  but it's usually something i forget about in a few hours, so nothing i've ever acted on.  we don't have any crazy stories of me making hal get up in the middle of night and run to the store for ice cream or chips or anything like that.  i've been relatively "normal."

bump - here's lincoln....

gender - BOY!  Lincoln James Reeser!!  i got my first "judgment" about his name.   last week as i was going through the checkout line at target, the teenage male cashier asked if i was having a boy or girl, i told him boy.  then he asked if we had any names picked out, so i told him his name is lincoln.  the clerk just paused and then said, "hmm, that's interesting.  it's......different."  hahaha.  okay, kid.

belly button - still a little bit in.  but just barely.

wedding rings - still hanging in there.  my fingers get pretty swollen after a day of typing in a hot, stuffy courtroom, but other than that everything is still fitting.

looking forward to - june.  i'm not trying to wish my life away or anything like that, but i just really can't believe it's may tomorrow and we just have this last month to get through before we can meet lincoln.  i still feel like we have a lot to get organized and ready before he comes, but i know what needs to get done will and i'm just excited to see my baby (and - let's be honest - not having to work for a few months)!!

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