Monday, April 8, 2013

Friday Night Fun

So we had a little bit of a scare on Friday night and ended up spending a few hours in the hospital.  But I'll say upfront that everything is all fine and normal - so don't worry.

I got home from work a little after 5:00 and Hal was still on his way home from an all-day football clinic.  I had picked up dinner and we planned on spending the evening just relaxing and watching the St. Louis Cardinals game on TV. 

When I got home I let Libby out of her kennel and got her on the leash to do her business.  There were a few geese wandering around the yard, but Libby was pretty calm about it all so I wasn't too worried.  I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention though because almost as soon as she hit the grass she just took off like a light after them - I'm actually surprised she didn't pull my shoulder out of socket she took off so hard.  I'm not sure at what point I actually let go of the leash, but I was already being pulled so hard and could not stop.  I felt like I ran for awhile before I actually hit the ground, but I just couldn't stop myself.  I landed directly on my belly, hands and knees.  I think I was already screaming and crying before I landed because Libby was right back at my side by the time I hit the ground.  When I got up I was literally seeing stars - pretty scary.  I've never had that happen before.

My main concern was obviously Lincoln and the fact that my doctor had told me to be careful of any trauma to the belly because we don't want my blood to mix with his.  I made it back to the house crying and yelling at Libby - I'm pretty sure I was the definition of a hot mess.  I tried calling Hal but he wasn't picking up.  I guess I'm not sure what he could do from his car anyways.  So I called the Health Partners nurse line.  While I was on hold with them Hal got home.  The nurse on the phone thought I was probably okay since there was no pain or bleeding or nausea, but she called the hospital for me and they thought I should come in just to be safe.  So we headed to the hospital.  I thought we would just get a little checkup and maybe an ultrasound to make sure Lincoln was still doing okay, but when we got set up in our room they said they would have to monitor me for at least four hours.  Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night to me!!  Ha!

It all went pretty fast though - I got to order a little pizza from the cafe since I hadn't eaten anything since lunch.  We had a great time watching Wheel of Fortune, Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons (perfect night in my book - no ESPN!!)  They took some bloodwork and just monitored both me and Lincoln on a machine.  Everyone that came in the room said, "wow, he's an active little guy!"  Yes.  Yes, he is.  And I was never more thankful to hear that!  They let us go home around 9:30 after everything checked out fine.  Praise the Lord!  Now hopefully we won't be back until some time in June!  But at least we know where to go!!


  1. Oh man Christa, that does sound scary! Those dumb dogs- funny how we can hate and love something so much.
    Glad you got checked out and everythings fine! 3 out of our 5 were winter babies and I recall taking a few good falls as well.

  2. Wow!! Totally scary! So glad everything checked out well and Lincoln is still moving like crazy in there! :)

  3. Oh Christa, I'm so glad that you and little Lincoln are ok! Getting him prepared early to play football, gotta learn how to take those hits and roll with the punches! :>) He passed the test, you too! I remember taking a couple good spills myself! Take care!

  4. Just read this... Yeah I am way behind the times! So sorry you had a scare like that!! But yet so thankful that you are both ok :)