Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby style

Baby clothes don't go of style, right?!  Depends on the outfit maybe.  But as I was getting Lincoln dressed yesterday morning I couldn't help but remember just how adorable I thought this long-sleeved bodysuit was when I bought it from Baby Gap.......TWELVE YEARS AGO!!!  Ahhh.  Crazy, right?!  I still happen to think it's pretty adorable.
I managed to get a couple bags full of some pretty amazing deals when I worked there part time during college.  Clothes would go on clearance and then plus my employee discount = score!!  Some people thought I was crazy, but look who's laughing now!  (nobody's really laughing - it's just an expression.)  Most of what I bought back then were girl clothes, but I do have a good stack of boy clothes, although a lot of them are bigger sizes!  It's fun to pull them out of Lincoln's drawer now and put them on a real baby!!!


  1. Lincoln looks CUTE no matter what he's wearing!! But, I DO like the top ;) And a onesie on top of that~never coming untucked is a HUGE plus! :)