Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Five Months!

We're a day late, but look who turned five months old yesterday!  Simply cannot believe how fast time is flying, but we're enjoying every moment with our little guy.  He is getting so big and changing every day.  He's rolling over, mostly from back to tummy, but he can go from tummy to back as well - he just doesn't like to as much.  He smiles like crazy and is definitely a social bug.  He loves to sit upright and look at everything going on around him.
He is teething now too, so that means a ton of drool and everything in the mouth! Thankfully he hasn't been too fussy with it.  I just got an amber teething necklace though, so we'll see how that helps.  It's supposed to be pretty amazing.
We've experimented with a few solids (rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, bananas), and when we were home this weekend grandpa introduced him to a few more, including dill pickle, pickled beets and horseradish pickles.  He didn't even flinch!  I couldn't believe it.  He just sucked and sucked away and would get mad when grandpa took it out of his mouth!
Oh, and check out who's sitting up on his own.  He's a little wobbly yet, but we're getting there.
We thank the Lord every day for this precious gift and can't imagine our lives without him!


  1. I know I JUST saw him this weekend, but this pic makes me MISS him MORE ~ not sure I can wait a WHOLE month til you come back!! Be prepared for a regular visitor after the holidays :-)

  2. Sitting by himself! Nice work little man!! :) That's great. He is such a cutie!!