Thursday, November 7, 2013


We celebrated Halloween a few days early this year.  Every Monday night we have "Family Night" with the Macalester coaching staff.  The wives/girlfriends and children of the coaches all get together after practice and before the coaches have their meetings for a potluck dinner.  It's a chance during the week to have dinner with our guys since they're usually so busy. 
So every year for Halloween, all the kids dress up in their costumes and come in a few minutes early to pass out candy to the players after practice.  It was so fun to be able to participate this year with Lincoln, especially since we weren't taking him trick-or-treating.  (I thought it might look a little suspect that somebody's parents just wanted a bunch of candy if we took a four month-old trick-or-treating!)
all the kids with the senior football players
Hal and all the kiddos
(we have a lion, Coach Jennison, a Hawaiian girl, Snow White and Raggedy Ann)

me and my squirmy little lion

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