Friday, November 8, 2013

Grandma & Grandpa Come to Visit

Last weekend my parents came to visit!  We had such a great time - it's always so nice to have them here, even though it goes way too fast.  They hadn't seen Lincoln since he was two months old, and I know it doesn't seem like that long, but he's changing so quickly!  So it was great for them to see him again and interact.  He has such a fun personality and just loves his grandma and grandpa!  We were just having so much fun that I only snapped a few pictures.  I need to get better about that!
Lincoln loved grandpa!  Grandpa even let him have a bite or two of his apple!
(i'm going to have to keep my eye on those two!)
Lincoln loved grandma too!  Lots of kisses and snuggles!

On Saturday night we all bundled up and went to cheer on Hal and Macalester College.  It wasn't as cold as we were expecting, but it did get pretty chilly towards the end.  The sunset was beautiful!  And halfway through the game there was even a fireworks display.  We're not sure what was going on nearby, but I love fireworks so I don't really care too much!

Lincoln did great during the game.  This is the first time we've lasted for the entire three hours of a football game in the cold weather.  But having mom and dad there was a huge help.  And, of course, his little football snowsuit that is to die for!  He was nice and cozy warm.  After a bottle he fell asleep during the third quarter.  I kind of wish I could have joined him - the game got a bit boring.

Mom and dad's neighbor sent three rubbermaid tubs full of boy clothes for Lincoln!  Most of the stuff won't fit until he's at least three or four, but this cute little tie was in there and I just couldn't resist putting it on him for church on Sunday morning.  I think he pulled it off!

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  1. I LOVE the tie! And of course he pulled it off flawlessy... what couldn't he pull off with those big beautiful eyes! :)